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A fun group of individuals who have contributed to the ongoing growth of the shop.

Joel has a masters in both Literature and Theology. He spent over 10 years in human services assisting those afflicted with mental illness and addiction. Joel now runs a wood shop devoted to the arts, which began with assisting his wife, artist Lee Tracy.

Chicago native and bicycle enthusiast with experience in building wheeled creations and navigating city streets. Lover of art and a collector of the work of close friends.

b. 1958 At a very early age, with the help of a short wave receiver, I developed a keen fascination in the potential of music/sound as a means to more fully integrate with infinite nature of the cosmos. focused audio/sonic research resulted in a expanded approach toward creative realization through everyday activity. As a traveler of both space and time, I remain turned on and tuned in. SoundCloud. UPDATE: Steve continues his creative sound inventions and recent musical colaborations overseas, such as Iceland and Italy.

Sierra has lived in Chicago for ten years, she always enjoys a good taco, building things that help people organize their things, and exploring post- industrial cities. UPDATE: Sierra has her own woodshop and is designing amazing custom furniture.

Alex is a red headed mexican and Chicago native who grew up in Roger's Park. He previously worked in the "hospitality industry." Traveling, meeting people, and experiencing new cultures is a passion. He explores the city with his 5 year old daughter, Dahlia, and plans to settle in Europe or Mexico in the future. UPDATE: Alex carries on his dad duties and food passions.

Jacques is a native Corsican who loves outdoor activities, animals, his wife Michelle and his 2 and a half year old little boy Swaroop. Jacques and his wife moved to Chicago in 2008 to be closer to Michelle's family. Jacques also loves going back to his native land, Corsica.
UPDATE: Jacques now resides in Cibola National forest of New Mexico in pursuit of building a sweat lodge.

Former environmental science student turned artist, Yu Su graduated this May from School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a BFA. He is now working part time at Art Services Chicago and full time as an artist, hoping to get into grad school next year and launch his career.
UPDATE: Su is now home with his family in China. We wait for his return.

Bill's lifelong compulsions are drawing and painting and he's happiest doing that, building things, learning about history and geography, and being with his family and friends. Bill grew up in Hyde Park and Evanston, and his home and studio are currently in West Rogers Park. He drinks a lot of coffee.

Nate was raised in Great Britain, Australia, and America. With a background as a professional chef, Nate enjoys the skilled, detailed work needed to create useful objects from wood. Nate also devotes time to community gardening and brewing hops.
UPDATE: Now residing in the UP in far north Michigan roasting coffee.

Chris Roberson was raised in Nashville, Tennessee. After receiving his BFA from The University of Tennessee and living in Dublin, Ireland for a brief time, he settled in Chicago. In addition to maintaining his own studio practice, Chris works on a variety of art and design related projects.
UPDATE: Now residing in New York creating art.

Visits the shop often in search of spare wood scraps to chew.

GUS- RIP (2010)
Found in a dumpster when a kitten, he has it good now and knows this well.

Art Services
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The Team